We told ourselves a story of what our lives could be. I forgive you, and I set you free.



I always thought I’d marry a man With long hair, and a couple tattoo’s. We’d live on a farm and have plenty to do.  We’d bake bread.

And I always thought the stage was my world. The lights and applause would make everything whole. But now that I’m older, not sure I’ve got something to prove.

And I know the sky’s not as blue as it once seemed. And my heart “tick-tocks”, like a twisted up machine.  But you’re safe, and warm, and all that’s in between So kiss me hard. Again.

Ooo I think it’s you.

After that night out in the street I’ll never be the same. I’m lost, amused, and tired of playing games. So come close, hold my hand I’ll kiss you’re face till all the days are new, 

Cause it’s you. Ooo I think it’s you. Ooo it’s you. Ooo It’s you



This is my ode  To a boy I met long ago. He looked right in my eyes And I knew He did you

And now I think of us there His hands in his hair His heartbeat with mine And I wish to dream of that day And nothing else Till the day that I die.

Chorus: Oh, how did we get so old? Oh, how did we grow so cold? So Adult.

One day to the next No magic in the mix Work till fingers feel raw Count every penny, Grasp every straw.

And you, so far away Every day  I wish you were here. Light me up like a fire so bright Help me to learn Not to be right

And oh, how did I get so old? Oh, how did I grow so cold So adult.

So lets remake that day, Pretend we’re still young Put on a play. And dance wild through the streets Wear fancy feathers see who we meet.

And I’ll hum a new kind of tune, Maybe by April, maybe by June. But please, let’s make it come true I want to feel alive like I do with you

And oh, we’ll never get old! Oh, we’ll never grow cold, Or too adult.